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ELC Photography is a full service photography company that caters to families, maternity and newborn, and corporate events and head shots. Located in historic downtown Louisville, CO, ELC Photography makes your dream photo session come true! We spend time with each of our clients before their session to discuss what you like, location options, final looks, outfits and so much more! We offer custom expert design for your home, including installation!

3 Reasons for Classic Studio Sessions


I was recently scrolling Instagram and stopped at a photo of Bruce Willis and his daughter, Rumer, when she was a young girl. The photo caught my attention because it was a classic, studio portrait. THEN I read Rumer’s caption, which fully resonated with me:

“Hands down, one of my favorites ever.” - Rumer Willis

We live in one of the most gorgeous places for photography, but I love the simplicity and beautiful qualities of classic studio photography. This type of photography focuses truly on the people - not the background, not the setting, not the clothes but rather who they are as human beings and who they are to each other. Read on for a few top reasons why this is our favorite!


1. They are actually timeless.

We LOVE how our classic series is just that, classic! You don't need props, just peel back the layers and showcase yourself. At ELC Photography, we don’t rely on 'trends' with post processing, filters, color infusion and so on. This is truly timeless photography that doesn’t rely on tricks or trends - ensuring you have a photograph you’ll love now and in 20 years and beyond, truly standing the test of time.

2. Guaranteed peace of mind.

You are guaranteed the most gorgeous lighting. We have top of the line studio lights and backdrops that make you glow (seriously. It’s like you just left the most amazing spa treatment!). No need to stress about bad lighting, wind, or crazy Colorado weather that could damper or even cancel your session.

3. Stress-Free

Pull up to our studio, pick out your favorite music, and let’s create amazing photographs. We love sessions at homes or going on location, but they come with their own set of stresses including cleaning or tidying up, finding a parking spot, waiting on lighting or weather or people watching your session while on their own hike! Children are also less distracted at our studio (and we haven’t even mentioned our snacks and toys that are always available for clients!)

Of course we love outdoor and onsite sessions as well, it’s a fabulous way to capture the beauty of your family with the beauty of Colorado but we encourage you to add the Classic Studio Series to your next photography session.