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For 20 years, Erin has been looking through the world from behind the lens of a camera. She is formally trained and brings both her professionalism and her relaxed personality to the table. Erin is down to earth and outgoing, while also determined to get that "perfect shot." Erin has established an immense amount of trust with her clients, which is why ELC Photography has such a huge return rate. We cherish our clients, and the relationships we build are priceless. We are genuinely
invested in our community and believe the community is invested in ELC Photography.

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Sarah joined the team in late 2018 focused on business and marketing strategy.

With her background in entrepreneurship and business, Sarah brings a delightful energy toELC Photography.

Small Town,
Big Photography

Erin has built a strong foundation in Louisville, Colorado, where ELC Photography has created family, wedding, and corporate photos since 2004. Located in Historic Downtown Louisville, alongside locally owned Colorado businesses, we've had the honor to photograph thousands of events and life moments across Colorado, the United States, Europe, and India.

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Audrey began working with ELC Photography in 2018 as the studio manager before focusing on design; her extensive writing experience and design work for ELC Photography is a benefit to both Erin and her clients!

While Erin focuses on the craft of photography,
Audrey and Sarah focus on day-to-day operations, marketing, and much more.

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