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ELC Photography is a full service photography company that caters to families, maternity and newborn, and corporate events and head shots. Located in historic downtown Louisville, CO, ELC Photography makes your dream photo session come true! We spend time with each of our clients before their session to discuss what you like, location options, final looks, outfits and so much more! We offer custom expert design for your home, including installation!

What a year! Reflecting on 2018

Its January 23rd, 9:30pm, the house is quiet. I'm drinking tea on the living room sofa reflecting on the previous year. I have so much to be thankful for! I think of my three beautiful children as they sleep in the next room and of my incredible husband. They have been my biggest supporters through this year of change and explosive growth. I want to show my children the power in being your own person, to be an amazing wife, mother, and business woman through hard work and a lot of love. I feel my heart bursting with joy and love.

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There's not a thing I would change in 2018. Last year was at times, funny, sad, memorable, and always genuine. It was truly an incredible year for ELC Photography and I am thankful for my clients and the beautiful moments I was able to capture. I say this often, but it holds so much value, I LOVE my job. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love the fantastic people I get to meet and connect with. I'm thankful to have been a part of your life in those brief flashing moments. Providing gorgeous finished products you will always remember is the best part about what I do. I am overjoyed to see the growth ELC Photography has taken since its first days in 2004.  

If I could sum up 2018 in a few words, it would be busy, busy, BUSY!  From photographing babies, families, and high school seniors to head shots and corporate events including a Women’s Initiative event with Google, I've enjoyed every second of it. I value my experience as a diverse photographer able to capture moments from a broad spectrum of work. I'm so thankful for this diversity too, from getting my ‘baby fix’ by holding a newborn to the satisfaction of creating a stunning head shot. I put all of my energy into every photo I create, no matter what the subject is.

This year brought another expected twist - hiring studio managers! At the beginning of 2018, I brought on Audrey to help with my one-woman show and she was a branding and marketing rockstar. After deciding to pursue her dreams further by moving to Oregon, I brought on Sarah, who is incredibly talented and business savvy. Bringing in a studio manager meant I had to trust someone else with my business, something that is much easier said than done. Following good business etiquette, I learned new systems, updated existing ones, and dusted off my thinking cap. It was most certainly a learning curve, but wow, I can absolutely say my business would not have flourished so much this year if it wasn't for the help of these amazing ladies. It was SO NICE to have someone in the office to talk with and bounce creative ideas off, and maybe even have a few Friday mini dance sessions! 

With 2018 over, we're looking forward. What does 2019 hold for me and ELC Photography? Authenticity is what I'm striving for this year. I have so many plans and would like to move forward with these projects from a place of true authenticity. You, my client, deserve genuine photographs, an experience that is as true as it can get in a photograph. For example, looking at social media we tend to share all the "pretty" picture-perfect moments that may seem too well-staged. But let's get real, its not all pretty right? This thing called ‘life’ is beautiful and messy. I want to share more with you; the stories, the pre-shoot jitters, the struggles I face as a photographer, a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ and what it takes to get there. We are completely redecorating the studio, unveiling new wall art products, scheduling more photo session events, and rolling out an exclusive membership.

Stay tuned, its going to be an amazing 2019 friends!

I've talked a lot about my goals and reflections of this year, but I encourage you to take a second and think about your own accomplishments from 2018. Give yourself a pat on the back (we don’t do it enough). So let's hear from you! What are you most proud of in 2018?

Erin Cox